I'm Lydia Deetz, a freelance photographer based out of Winter River, Connecticut. They think I'm a bit of a recluse out here.
For twenty-four years I've been paranormal investigating to try and dig up the dirt on the so-called 'ghost with the most'. But... now he's back. And I can't get rid of him.


Independent roleplay account for Beetlejuice's Lydia, all grown up. Post-movie.
I track the onebigdarkroom tag.
Lydia Deetz
one. big. darkroom.

(( You know how I said I wouldn’t post anymore photos from MCM? I lied. Instead I decided to kill you Beetz shippers with FEELS.

Photo credits from top: thetazpirefuzzyfeltContains Moderate Peril and Trojan_Llama. ~ Our Cosplay Page ~))